Newb needs guidance

Very new to two way radios. While hunting here in Arizona, I tried using the Motorola/Cobra radios you can buy at your local electronics stores, but even with direct line of site of about a mile, they wouldn’t work. I had been hunting else where when we actually used UHF/VHF radios and they worked rather well.

So, on that idea, I procured 4 radios along with a gang charger off ebay. The radios are Kenwood TK330’s and all are tuned for 2 of the available 10 channels, but I’m not sure the frequency. I already order new batteries for these as well as a few lapel mics to finish off the set.

Will I require a licence to opperate these while hunting in the Arizona outback? I will not be using these anywhere else other than hunting with friends. If I do require a licence, what is required to get the licencing? How do I find out what frequency is being used? I tried searching for a local shop, but I guess I don’t know what to search under. Not getting a lot of results for two way radios in the area.

Hopefully I’m not asking any stupid questions. I have done some searching for this, but I think I’m lost on some of the nomenclature and language.

Thanks for the help!


Trying to research… careful! This looks like a radio that you CANNOT use without a commercial license! I’m so busy; but want to assist. Do not invest money at this time.

Radios you sawe online are probably GMRS, which also require a license; but are consumer-grade. There are commercial grade radios that have better GMRS performance… but cost more…

Another alternative is MURS, which is license free… and uses VHF which WILL perform better in the Arizona open areas. The buytwowayradios site here sells some… check it out

Too late. Already own them.

I did find out the frequencies just a few minutes ago at a cb shop. 451.635 and 451.360 MHz.


Commercial frequencies. Need to have a business band license.

Thanks. Do you know if they are narrow band capable?


Unsure. Most recently manufactured stuff can do buth.

So can they be programed to MURS channels so I don’t need a licence?


No. MURS is VHF. You have a UHF radio. There’s nothing you can use those radios for that doesn’t require a license.

I’m new as well, so take this with a proverbial grain of salt…

If you reprogram to a FRS frequency, you’ll still be exceeding the permissible output power (unless that model allows you to reduce it to 2w), but at least you wont be broadcasting on a frequency that requires a license

FRS has a maximum power output of 500 mW… on half of a watt, and requires radios SPECIFICALLY approved for FRS.