New Wouxun KG-S88G GMRS Radio

New episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast! We tell you about an exciting new handheld GMRS radio coming from Wouxun and compare it to other Wouxun GMRS radios. You don’t want to miss this show. listen now!

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TWRS-167 - The New Wouxun KG-S88G GMRS Radio

Show Notes:

I listened with great interest about the new KG-S88G GMRS Radio. A couple of points…

Our local GMRS repeater owner does not care for roger beeps so I wish Notarubicon would let that rest LOL. A lot of people love that repeater and wish to continue to enjoy it!

On the colors of the radio, I think that would be a great idea. It may interest some ladies if they could color coordinate their radios with their outfits! Maybe I could get my daughters to talk if they liked the looks of their radios!

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Welcome to the forum!

Great comments, btw. I could take or leave the roger beep myself, but I know there are a lot of users who like it.

As for the colors, except for the obvious option of camo, I never considered the fashion aspect of having different color radios before. As we discussed on the show, I’m not averse to radios of different colors. The really bright colors just seemed out of place on a specific radio that was intended for business use, but that’s just me. Applied to FRS and GMRS radios, especially in terms of color coordination from a fashion perspective, I think your point is quite valid.

I have a blue camo Icom DStar radio I’m partial to! I was thinking about colors because one of the repeater users was trying to encourage his daughter to use her radio. I bought my whole family GMRS radios but it’s hard to spark interest.

Since many people that buy these radios may be preppers, I think the natural color choices should be “military green” and/or “camo”. (in addition to black)

As for the roger beep. I don’t mind a roger beep as long as it is not the annoying kind. Many repeaters have a squelch tail and it can be difficult at times to know when the person transmitting has unkeyed. The roger beep helps with this.

Really? Or, is it you who dislikes the roger beep? C’mon, mom, be honest…

I also like colors as it’s just easier to find the radio where you left it when its got a brighter color like hi-vis green or yellow.

What worked for me was setting them in the cradles, plugging 'em in, and leaving them on. Started paging the fam down for dinner and such using a radio I also placed in the kitchen. Before long, they were calling me on 'em rather than shouting from one end of our (fairly large) house to the other. So many folks have the issue of disinterested family members. You have a lot of company.

That’s a genius idea! I had bought a MURS radio set trying to get my husband to bring his with him when he’s in the yard. I just annoy him LOL

SO, SO happy to see USB-C appearing on these! I think that having it on the actual unit itself is an added plus, since not only does it leave more space in the battery pack for…batteries, but I trust the charge circuitry on-board more in a higher quality unit like this. This looks like an awesome new model.

—Personal preference blurb below—
I will take the opportunity to advocate a model with all these features (especially on-board USB-C, flashlight and IP67) plus NOAA and FM functionality. I am really, really hoping for (and saving back for) a professional-grade GMRS replacement for my FRS Motorola T-480s. It’s the swiss army knife radio of my collection and what I use the most often (every one of its features comes in handy real-world for me) but I am dying for a reason to go GMRS (No need -yet- for repeater functionality, I just want higher quality, range and versatility).

The KG-805G had FM broadcast reception… Guessing this is just an extra chip in addition to the superhet ‘main radio’? Could Wouxun do that + NOAA I wonder?