New TriSquare TSX300R

I got a set of the TriSquare TSX300R yesterday with batteries,charger and headgear.

I couldn’t find it in the manual,but how long are they suppose to charge for for the first time?

And how long after they are used?

How long does it take to get use to the way voices sound on them,it’s a weird
echo sound,kinda like CB’ers when they use a linear.

I am sure I’ll have more questions on these later.

I haven’t got to test them out yet,but I am hoping they perform better than my FRS radio’s.I wanted something that was more power without having to worry about a license or getting caught using them without one.

After searching TriSquare’s site,I found the answer to charging,12-15 hours.Read in a review somewhere else that it has a safety feature to keep batteries from over charging,can someone confirm this?
Also read that you need to totally discharge before recharging to keep them at optimal performance.

Nimh batteries are more forgiving. A total discharge is not needed, except at first…

Bear in mind… it may take a few charge/discharge cycles to bring batteries up to their full potential.

My TriSquares made it around 10 hours at Disney World a couple months ago. These are radios I reviewed here a couple years back. True, they didn’t have traffic all the time; but they were turned on the whole time. At the end of the day/night they did go dead; but for a small capacty pack they performed as I would seriously expect.