New to the BuyTwoWayRadio Community - BoomerPilot

Hello everyone, I am new to the Community and for years have wanted to get my Ham license but just never did!
I am current studying to sit for the Ham license test and hope to take the test over the next month or two.
All I can say is Wow - about - what a great resource!
I found out about But Two Way Radios by watching a YouTube video by Ham Radio In Action.

Ham Radio In Action You Tube Video that introduced me to the Buy Two Way Radios company.

Thanks Ham Radio in Actions for some great videos that show how Ham radios can be applied to everyday life.

Now back to Buy Two Way Radios - When I placed an order with Buy Two Way Radios, I also left a comment about not being happy paying a shipping charge. Well that has all changed because since I left that negative comment I learned more about the value add that Buy Two Way Radios offers, like this forum, and from what I read - great customer service.

Great to be here,


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Shipping charges, from decent companies are often simple practical ways to afford the prices they quote.In my own small way, I had a choice to offer free shipping or charge for it, on some items the actual profit is very small because with the Internet, nobody will pay even 10$ more than somebody else - and if you’ve not bought from either company before, it’s a gamble. Only today I quoted a customer £9 for shipping, even though the actual cost to his address in the UK was one of those charge extra ones, so it cost me £13. That was an extra £4 out of my margin and the net profit on this particular radio which was £24. Hardly a fortune, so the £24 went down to £20, and the credit card charges come out of that too. When I buy I look at the total including postage and make decisions on that. Free shipping is rarely free in practice. The Two Way Radio people have always just seemed honest and fair to me - nice to deal with. Paul

With great customer service and the high level of personalized service from Buy Two Way Radios employees like Megan, I am glad to say I have already been back for order #2, with plans to use BTWR going forward.


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