New to radio world..HELP!

I am new to the two way radio world. I just bought a used set Motorola CM300 and P200 handheld to install in a race car
Unfortunately I cannot make it work. I thought it was just a matter of install the accessories and power, put them in the same Chanel and they will talk to each other, but it seems I was wrong.

When I do that they clearly connect to each other but I get a LOT of static noise and the voice can be heard very low in the background

Can anyone point me in the right direction? The more I read the more I get confused so nce there a lot of talk about programing, etc

This set was coming from a car racer as a set so I theory they had been working as a set before

Thank in advance for any help

You certain you got the two set to the same parameters? If the voices are quiet then it could be one radio is set to wide band and the other narrow band, this makes it quieter, or it could be the signal is very weak, masking the audio with noise. If the radios are next to each other that removes signal strength, leaving bandwidth and mic gain to be tweaked

H paulears
Thank you for your reply. I found out what the problem was. I was test benching the system and using a battery charger as power source. It seems that was introducing all the noise in the system. Now, voice is clear and no noise.
I do have another issue now. When I press the PTT button on the base radio, the radio shuts down for a short while and then comes back on but does not transmit
Any ideas?

Does the base station have a separate power supply? it sounds like you may not be getting enough voltage when transmitting. If it has a built in power supply check all of the power connections.

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Yep - that’s what I thought too - perhaps the radio needs more current than the supply can handle - so a 5A radio on a 3A supply drops the voltage down enough the radio resets.