New site problems or enhancements needed

I’m going to use this topic to consolidate a list of issues that we’ve found or additions/enhancements that we’d like to make. This is mainly to help us keep track of what we need to work on and provide a little organization.

If you have any suggestions or find any problems, post them as a reply here.


  • Reorganize categories. The two-level category structure that we used on vBulletin doesn’t work as well for Discourse. Probably need to move all of the specific two way radio service categories out of the “Two Way Radios” parent category and up to the root level. Also the descriptions for some categories need to be shortened so that they look better in the category selection list. DONE
  • Reset the bump date on all of the posts that we edited after the import to fix formatting issues. DONE
  • Find and import a list of banned/censored words. Probably can pull the one we used on vBulletin. DONE
  • Add links or banners to WORKING, but need more banners
  • Configure and activate logging in via Facebook/Google/Twitter. GOOGLE DONE / TWITTER DONE / FB DONE
  • Check if there are any other social networks that we need to add to the list that comes up when you click to share. I’m thinking maybe Reddit should be there? NOT BUILT-IN. SKIPPING
  • Configure a content security policy. This is something that I skipped during the initial setup, but it looked important so I need to revisit it. DONE
  • Update the terms of service, privacy policy and FAQ.
  • Add Google Analytics info. We can’t do this until just after we go live (assuming we decide to move forward with Discourse). DONE
  • Add redirects from old forum category urls. DONE
  • Change setting to allow new registrations. I’ve disabled this until we go live to avoid potential problems with our final import. DONE