New radios - mic not working - help please!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I just bought a brand new set of Midland two way radios, put in new batteries, and it seems the mic on is not working. They both “beep” but only one works when you talk into it. Any suggestions? They are on the same channel (I’ve tried several) and they are not locked, or on privacy settings etc. I will call Midland but they are closed today.
Thanks so much for any help!

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Have you tried taking the mics off and cleaning them?? (Cleaning the end and the port it goes into) – Hopefully its something simple like that!

Good luck!!

Hello Jill
You can try take the mics off and work them, if they cannot work well, maybe the mic is broken. But if they can work, you may use the Midland two way radios correctly. I recommend that you should read the directions and learn how to operate them. Hope it useful. Thank you.

being as the post you responded to was 3 months old, I certainly hope they got it all worked out by now.

Sounds more like a typical spam bot. They reply to posts with useless information and try to infiltrate forums by using cut and paste language. After a number of posts, they hit you with spam and virus links.

Or, maybe I am wrong. Maybe Candy really IS interested in wireless communication, and her grammar and English is just not very good.

probably a dry joint on the soldering

Not from the USA, and I see no suspicious activity.