New Radios from Motorola

We thought some of you might find this interesting. We are excited about these new radios here at Two Way Radio Headquarters, they are very different than traditional business radios and we think they will be perfect for a lot of retail and restaurant businesses.

They are distinctive looking.

hey thanks jeff…discussion on your given source about the Motorola CLP1040…is quite impressive…!
Thanks for the post…!

If I have 2 Blackbox UHF radios, with standard frequencies, would these work out of the box with mine?

They should be programmable to work with a wide range of other UHF business radios.

The Motorola CLP1010 and Motorola CLP1040 Available June 15th!

We plan on having the new Motorola CLP1010 and 1040 radios here in stock by the end of June, or even earlier!

They are now here and shipping back out!