New Professional Grade FRS Two Way Radios

The latest episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast features an announcement regarding two versions of a new FRS radio designed for more rugged use in personal and business applications. We also talk about a range extender for Motorola DLR and DTR series 900MHz digital radios.
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TWRS-152 - New Professional Grade FRS Two Way Radios

Show Notes:

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Pretty cool to see an FRS radio with what appears to be a quarter wave antenna. I’ve never seen that before, and wondered why (probably just for compactness I guess).

I appreciate your willingness to create your own solutions when you see a gap! Hopefully those sell well. I can’t think of a higher-end FRS option on the market right now than this one.

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Well, it makes sense as a dealer level retailer to (where possible/feasible/legal) build bundles - after all, where in the ham market bundles are a convenience thing, when you sell commercial or commercial mode or grade equipment - you’ll usually end up putting a basic operational kit as a sale item as required, so having a few stock bundles or stocking fairly plug-n-play kits definitely can fix some user requirements.

It’s one of many things that separates dealer retailers from your average electrical retailer/box shifter and no-brain eBay ‘retailers’.

I’ve known some of the best, past and present, proprietors and long-term staff wise, of the cream of the UK side and it’s consistent a trait amongst the many lines in the sand between money grabbing low lifes and those in the business as a career and vocation as well as their trade and livelihood.

I think the closest radio to this is the old Midland GXT5000. They were in very high demand, so we knew there was a market for it. Unfortunately after the factory was all but destroyed in a tsunami, Midland discontinued the radio, and there has been a void ever since. None of the domestic manufacturers seemed interested in filling it, so we were compelled to step in.

I actively use the Midland GXT1050 and Wouxun 805G GMRS radios at home and am quite excited about having heavier duty radios like the 805F available for the FRS that can be used for both personal or business related applications. I’m sure I am not alone in that respect.

We appreciate the feedback!

@Rick - well I’d say, irrespective of market etc, it was a smart move. Clearly you could see an actual need based on the events and let’s face it, if you go that distance because you can and to fill a void that would be significant in some way, go do common sense and clearly you did.

Like I say, there’s definitely characteristics that separate dealers from box shifters even at the lowest level choices of actioning a response as much as there’s significant differences between dealers and box shifters over the bigger issues.

In that context, I am using dealer to reflect both accredited dealers and reputable professional radio outlets who survive by giving a ■■■■ about the devil in the details.

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