New Motorola T400-series Talkabouts


Sorry for my first post being somewhat random. I’m looking at a decent pair of Talkabouts for camping and was about to get the extended battery ones without bluetooth until I saw these set for release on May 22nd:

(T400, T465, etc).

From what I can tell, other than custom ring tones, some cosmetic items, microusb (vs old mini-usb), and includes earpieces on the T465, I don’t see what’s changed. Does anyone know if there’s anything else that would really speak to these vs getting older models?

It seems they’ve chosen to consolidate their product line, perhaps, rather than have the 5-6 different models.

So sorta self update: they’ve been released but are “out of stock” (aka technically out but not). I’m about to just give up and order a similar edition Cobra. I’d kinda miss Motorola’s reliability (and the fancy carrying case/headsets) but probably not worth the additional cost.

Hi, they are listed on the web but are not yet officially released. The availability date is June 2015.

For the 400, 460 and 465 models

FCC ID: AZ489FT4924 Looks like a 1.7 Watt GMRS and .48 Watt FRS radio. Definitely looking along the trend of decreasing power output and inflating range claims. Doesn’t list Giant International, but rather Motorola Solutions as the manufacturer. Test lab is in Hong Kong. Interestingly enough, the test data indicate a 2.15 dBI gain on the antenna.

Interesting information - thanks to the both of you. I’d never thought of considering some of the transmission tech specs as a differentiator.

I’m guessing with the FRS/GMRS spec in general the range is never going to even be close to what they say, but perhaps small differences in hardware would change that a bit. I’m guessing to the end user, it might come down to features (micro-usb, water resistance, etc) more so.