New Member, Kenwood Programming Question

Greetings. I have 10 old Kenwood TK-862G radios that we have had stored in my warehouse for a few years. After purchasing 40 new VX-261’s on new frequencies, we decided to break out the Kenwoods for use on some of the forklifts. I have an old XP machine, the proper cable, and the Kenwood KPG-56D software and I was able to read then write our new frequencies to one of the radios, but I cant read anything from the others. They do work, I can communicate between them, but the software wont recognize them, I keep getting a message to check the cable and try again. Is it possible that these others are somehow locked to prevent programming? The dealer that did the original setup has long since closed. I appreciate any suggestions.

It’s possible. We’re an authoized Kenwood dealer, and if you give Anthony or Rob a call at 1-800-584-1445 they may be able to help you out or provide some guidance.

Thanks Rick, I didnt notice that you guys were associated with the forum until just now. I have an email in to Benny, we just purchased the 40 VX-261’s from you guys about a month ago and he was able to get the frequencies to me.

It’s always worth checking the driver - there’s a lot of aggravation with some of the programming cables not liking the more modern version of the serial driver. Windows 10 has this problem frequently, but it’s less common on the old machines, unless the software automatically installs a driver that is too new - I have some Kenwood cables that work with Windows 10, but not with XP, and an XP one that works on other Kenwoods - Seems daft, but the software does seem sensitive to matching drivers and OS.

Thanks, I dont think the cable is the issue now. I downloaded Chirp and tried to read the radio and it gave me a message that this radio doesn’t accept programming mode. It seems that these are somehow locked.

Gosh! TK-862G is a radio I’ve not had on the bench for some time. The software, from memory, is KPG-56D with a KPG-46 (serial) or KPG-46U (USB) cable. So if you did want to program it yourself, that’s what you need.

However, you’d probably be better to speak to our friends at as it would be easier and cheaper to have them program it.