New Higher Power Handheld Radios for 2019

In our latest episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast, we talk about the new Wouxun 7 watt portable handheld radios as well as the new Midland T290VP4 and T295VP4 GMRS radios. We?ll discuss the comparisons between radio wattage and performance, how much more power these new handhelds have, and debate whether this is the beginning of a new trend towards higher powered radios, or not.

TWRS-135 - New Higher Power Handheld Radios for 2019

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Output power, especially through repeaters is not a big deal unless you are up n the fringes of the repeater. Then, a more/larger/higher antenna would be better than additional watt or two. All that extra power does is run your battery down faster.