New guy in middle Tennessee

I’m new to civilian radios. I have a MTX400 and the midland 1000 hand helds for outstations. If anyone in mid TN ever wants to send traffic I’m game.

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning

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Reading and learning… same here in SC for the newbie I am, as well. Just so happens my radio selection is/was the same as well Midland MXT400.

So far, the biggest lesson I have learned is that there just isn’t much GMRS action here in Summerville, Charleston area. As a matter of fact, I drove a hundred + miles for a couple of repeater attempts and failed to tag either one. I found out later one was temporarily switched to a different frequency.
I don’t know why I couldn’t get on the other.

Just wanted to say that you’re in the right place though. You’ll hear, we paid too much for these radios and it appears true. But hey, we’re newbies and we have to start somewhere…

Lesson: As newbies I think our best best bet would be to call or contact the owne of the repeater beforehand, I’m just saying…