New guy , Baofeng question

Hello from Albany NY :wave:. I just purchased a Baofeng uv5r and I’ve been programming in channels and have the menu system fairly well figured out. My question is that on a channel I have saved, I can only hear the transmissions when I hold down the “monitor” button. The radio stops scanning on the channel when there is activity, the green light stays lit , but I can’t hear anything until I press monitor. I did a search for this , but got no results. Thanks in advance for any help , and apologies if I’m overlooking a simple answer to my question :thinking:

Perhaps you have a receive CTCSS tone set. You’d know because there would be a CT icon on the display.
It’s option 11 in the menu, set it to 0 to turn it off.

That’s it , but although I set and “confirm” it to OFF , as soon as I exit menu it resets to 69.3
Is there another setting I have wrong that would cause this? I’ve tried it several times, I confirm and exit but it reverts to ON.

Are you in VFO or memory mode? I think you need to delete and re-save the channel in memory mode and the setting is not remembered across power-cycles on in VFO mode on my 5R.

That being said, you need to press menu and not exit after changing the setting.
Menu, 11, Menu, 0, Menu, Exit
If you press exit after 0 then it aborts the change.

I found that it comes off in “frequency mode” but won’t set to off in “channel mode”. I’ll try deleting and re-entering it…