New GMRS and MURS Radios

In our last episode for 2019, we tell you about the new Wouxun KG-805G GMRS and KG-805M MURS two way radios. We’ll explain how these radios came to be, discuss the advantages these new radios have over the typical GMRS and MURS radios already on the market, and address some of the early feedback and criticisms we’ve received about these radios so far.

TWRS-145 - New GMRS and MURS Radios

Show Notes:

I feel something that the MURS service has needed is a genuine mobile radio. Would be an interesting concept if the 805M does well.


If you are using for recreation non profit get a technician amateur radio license it is easy then you can run higher power. My TYT DMR/analog mobile puts out 40/50 watts
My Baofeng and other hand handi talkies have ham and GMRS incas I need to use it.

Public Disclaimer: This is not advisable and is not a practice we endorse in this forum. The Two Way Radio Forum and its owner, Buy Two Way Radios, does not recommend nor condone the use of radios on services and frequencies in the US for which they are not specifically type accepted.

MURS in particular is limited to 2 watts, and transmitting on this service at higher than legal power can get you into serious trouble with the FCC should you be caught. I will leave your post up for the time being as an example, but please be respectful of the Forum Rules, particularly this one. It’s in simple language and right to the point. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns.

What I want to convay is the ease of getting a AMATEUR RADIO LICENSE for more reliable communications on a NON COMMERCIAL use. Do not depend on mobile phones, GMRS or MURS for reliable communication. THAT WAY YOU ARE LEGAL.

Question on the AA battery adapter for these Wouxun radios:

Will NiMH batteries power the radio in these? Sum voltage would be 1V less than akaline. The Baofengs compensate with space for 6 AAs and can use a dummy spacer for 5 akalines.

Totally with you on a MURS mobile! Other than number of available channels, that would outshine CB in every way in my opinion. I have been wishing for such a radio for a long time.

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I’ve never tried using NiMH batteries in the battery case for any of the Wouxun radios, so I can’t say. I use only alkalines. However, a 1V drop is fairly significant for any 7V handheld, so may not power the radios sufficiently, especially during transmit.

To clarify, it was a typo. The case for this radio holds 5 alkalines, so the output is 7.5V, which is only 0.1V above the 7.4V Li-ion battery it comes with. Not significant, but 1V below can affect performance if the radio isn’t designed for it.

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If you remember in the old days of Radio Shack handhelds, they always had two dummy cells for when you were using alkalines. when using rechargeables, you always had to use 2 extra AA cells.

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Yes I do those were the days.

A trick we would use when we needed more range was to leave out the dummy cells and use two more alkaline cells in their place. It didn’t seem to damage the radio but seemed to give more power/range. :wink: