new Baofeng UV-82 model?

I want a pair of UV-82 radios as a nice inexpensive way to explore amateur with a young nephew. I notice they are still out of stock on buytwowayradios. I have also read about the newest model UV-82HP, which is a slightly improved version that uses many of the features of the UV-82C (commercial model) and has higher power settings.

Anyone have any idea of the new UV-82HP will be Part 90 compliant?

Will the UV-82HP replace the UV-82?

If I were to backorder a UV-82 today, would I get a UV-82 or a UV-82HP?

If not, any idea when the UV-82 will be back in stock?

Thank you.

Different radios. The old 82 costs less, so don’t expect it to be replaced by the newer, more expensive model. No one knows if the uv-82 will be discontinued.

The UV-82HP is indeed a different model. We currently only carry the UV-82, so if you backordered one today, that is what we will ship.

It turned out to be a solid radio and we are working on getting it re-stocked as soon as possible, although it may be a few weeks before we receive another shipment. I just checked and we do have a few 220MHz in stock, which includes an upgraded Nagoya 220MHz antenna. I apologize for the inconvenience. We’re waiting right along with you.

Thanks Rick and jwilkers. I agree that the UV-82 seems to be a very solid radio for its price. Plus, it seems to have better audio than most, and of course I am used to good audio output and good clarity with my high end business radios. I think it will be a fun radio to dabble in the hobby.

I will throw in an order this week. Backordered for a few weeks is not a problem as I would sooner deal with you folks anyway, provided you have no issues with shipping them to Canada.

As i know UV-82HP the output power is high then the old UV-82 which have 7Win max but UV-82 have 5W in max only
It also have Selectable Tone Burst Options Include: 1000hz, 1450hz, 1750hz, 2100hz which the old version do not have.
i don’t know the quality of the audio for the new version is good or not.

But the audio of old version of my UV-82 is quite good


I’ve been checking every now and then on the availability of the UV-82 220 model since March. Every time I check, they’re out of stock.

Are they selling as fast as they come in, or have they been on back order all this time?

Although we are currently out of stock on the 2m/440 version, we do have the 220MHz version in stock. We offer the option to purchase either the 420MHz and 2200MHz version of the UV-82 on the same product page. Because of this, when one version is out of stock, the page shows a backorder for the item. If you choose the 220MHz version and add it to the cart, it will be shipped immediately.

You can also call us to order directly at 800-584-1445 or chat with us online and we will be happy to ship it out to you right away.

We apologize for the confusion.

I just picked up my new 144/222 model today that I purchased from BuyTwoWayRadios (I live in Charlotte, NC so I have the nice option of local pickup) and I must say I am impressed so far. This was my second order from them and I had great service both times and would highly recommend them as a vendor.

I had originally purchased the UV-82X offered by the only Amazon Marketplace vendor that carries the 222 model (Baofeng Tech) and I was less than impressed. They charge $49.99 ($5 more than BuyTwoWay) and they only include the stock Baofeng antenna which is not much better than a dummy load in the 222 MHz amateur band frequencies. The stock antenna is tuned for 240-250 which results in poor performance while using it for normal amateur frequencies. I ended up returning it since my options at that point were to return or spend another minimum $16.99 for the Nagoya antenna compatible with this model. That vendor tries to justify their absurd prices by claiming to be the only officially licensed vendor and that offers a U.S. warranty.

I recently found this same specification model sold by BuyTwoWayRadios for $44.99 and that includes a free upgrade to the Nagoya 702 144/222 antenna. That is a great deal especially from an authorized reseller of both brands. I spent this afternoon programming in some favorite frequencies and used it to check into the local 9:00pm net using their linked 224.400 MHz repeater. When I asked how my signal was I was informed that it was full quieting and sounded as good as my Yaesu VX6 or Kenwood TH-F6A (both cost at least 5-6 times what this model did). I was looking for a cheap 222 option for situations where I don’t want to worry about damage or theft and this model so far seems to be the best answer. The antenna upgrade does make quite a difference too. If you are looking for a cheap entry into 222 or just want a cheap backup I would recommend this model and strongly suggest buying from BuyTwoWayRadios. They already offer the best price and getting the antenna upgrade and a U.S. warranty from an authorized reseller turns a great price into a great deal.

(For the record I do not have any relationship with BuyTwoWay other than being a satisfied customer.)


Nice! I will likely buy my next 220 model here :slight_smile:

I think another reason to shop here is that buytwowayradios is actually IN North Carolina, unlike that other vendor who very prominently lists the fact that they are located in the U.S., but if you do some research, you will find their “U.S. factory outlet” is about 4 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 18 inches deep. They are essentially a post office drop box. I began to wonder when I asked for shipping rates to a location about 400 miles north of them, and they gave me the rates for France. When I pointed out that Canada was closer to them in Arlington South Dakota than most of the United States, they sent me a rate for Canada that was suspiciously the same as shipping from China. My offer to drive down and pick one up directly from them was never answered. All communication has been somewhat painful, as it appears they only read (or understand) part of any emails, and replies are short.


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