New Baofeng UV-5R Constantly Receiving

Hi all, I have had quite a few Baofeng radios for local comms around our place here. I have just ordered 4 brand new UV5Rs and have programmed them to match our others. Everything is working fine. BUT… They constantly have the green (receiving) light showing (and backlight). This is going to drain the batteries and is annoying as it attracts the eye when nothing is being broadcast. If I change to any other channel it doesn’t happen, but I wolud really like to stay on the same channel. Any ideas anyone? Is the UV5R just more sensitive than the BF-F8+ (that’s what our other radios are)?

The receivers aren’t very selective on the Baofengs. You’ll end up having to switch channels to get rid of the light, most likely. This happens a lot. Poor quality receiver, really.

Thanks very much, I didnt get a notification but glad I checked back. So you just think its a poor quality receiver? What I found most strange is how only a few of them do it when others dont.