New Antenna

Hi Folks

I am just getting back into the cb world and looking at getting my ham radio licence.

I was originally looking at a 4 element beam but living in a town I don’t want to tick the neighbors off so I am looking at 5/8 wave or better antenna.
My choices are the imax 2000, Sirio Gain Master, Sirio 827 or the Vector 4000.

I live in a fairly windy area with wind gusts to 100 km + through out the year.

Does anybody have any history with these antennas that could point me in the right direction.


As wind, and inconspicuousness are of utmost importance. I’d go with the IMAX -2000, as it’s a decent performer, ranks as highly resistant to wind damage, blends in with the surroundings well, and will be a useful adjunct to 10-meter broadcasting when the time comes.

The best antenna for your requirement has not been made in 37 years. The Hy-Gain CLR-II, though not easily concealed, was fairly wind resistant, and one heck of a performer.

Look into using a counterpoise for your grounding scheme.


Thank for your input AM Station Engineer.

I was weighing heavily towards the Imax 2000, however googling the Imax against other antennas including the Sirio Gain Master I found the Gain Master out performed most other 5/8 wave antenna all things being equal.

The gain master is good for 10 & 11 meter from 25.5 to 30 MHZ and no tuning involved so this is the antenna I am going with.

Again thanks for your help.