New AIS channels

I’m researching channel usage. In particular the channels on 156.775 and 156.825MHz, either side of channel 16. These are the two new AIS channels for the message 27 short data burst and monitored by satellite. Here in the UK, there is no warning in current documents from our regulator, OFCOM not to use these channels, and nothing in my licence documents either. Are any marine folk here aware of these being actually up and running, and protected. Somebody having a chat on satellite monitored channels would wreck the system I would have thought? I think the intention is so VHF location and status is possible in the middle of an ocean, but surely to a satellite, somebody talking in England might be audible when the satellite is closer to the US?

I can find a few internet comments saying it’s working and in use, but until you stop people talking on it, it wont work, will it?