Needing help

I am looking for the best product for our School. I am in administration and our main use would be to communicate from the parking lot to the playground or somewhere within the building. Our facilities are not very large. Can someone guide me in what would be best for us?

Thank you,


If you are looking for a consumer (FRS/GMRS) radio, the Motorola SX700R is by far the most popular with schools. For a consumer radio, these models offer fairly good range and very good voice clarity. Some schools find it important to have separate charger bases instead of the dual pocket chargers that are included with the Motorola’s. If this is a requirement for you, take a look at the Uniden GMR-1558-2CK radios.

If you are more interested in business radios, which will provide more durability, better battery life, and more exclusive frequencies, the Motorola CLS series will do the job. The CLS1110 would probably be sufficient, but the CLS1410 adds an additional 3 channels, vibrate mode, and hands free use (with headsets).

Please let us know if you have any other questions.