need waterproof radio for fly fishing

Hi all! We were fly fishing today, and of course we always carry a pair of two-way radios to communicate from a distance on the river. Well, the inevitable happened, and one of the radios fell into the river and sank like a rock to the bottom. The radio sank too deep to recover, but it was a cheap version and wouldn’t have been likely to survive anyway. Now that we are in need of a new pair of radios, I’d like to find something that would survive such a dunk in the river (5 minutes or less, fully submersed). I’ve looked at the Midland GXT-800-VP4, but it seems like according to the true meaning of JIS4 standards it wouldn’t actually survive a dunk in water. I do like how the Midland has weather alert capability, and also the capacity to use rechargeable batteries or AA batteries. I’d also like to be guaranteed at least a 1 mile range, and 2 miles would be optimal.

So, what are my options in consumer two-way radios?? What are some low-cost options in higher grade models? Thanks for your input and advice!

I’m not aware of any consumer radio that is fully submersible. If this is a requirement, you may want to look for a marine radio. Marine radios use VHF frequencies that are specifically intended for use over water, so you will find lots of waterproof options. Unfortunately we do not sell marine radios, and I am not an expert on them. Sounds like that would be an ideal product for you, though.

they make cases/ pouches smiler to what the life guards use. i would also recommend you get some mics



Just saw your post. I have a Cobra 425 VP VHF/GMRS radios, which I use when fishing on the kayak. I purchased this because I dropped one of my Midland LXT350’s in the lake (never worked properly since) and I thought it would be a good thing to have (VHF Marine) should something happen on the water.

Anyway, according to the manual, this meets JIS7 standards, which, I think, is submersible in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. I have had the good fortune, thus far, of not testing this claim.

It’s not cheap and it’s not small, but it may fill the need. It has plenty of features too.

Hope this helps.

Sorry for the store link. I’ve attached a link to the product on Cobra’s site.

The Cobra 425 is a good choice because it has GMRS channels.

You CANNOT and should NOT use VHF marine frequencies while on land. This is much more of a serious violation that GMRS violations.

While GMRS has basically been lost to kiddies and folks who have over the years chosen to ignore the licensing rules and basic radio decorum in general due to the FCC’s lack of interest in enforcing the rules, VHF marine IS a well enforced band and you will eventually get in trouble for using VHF marine channels/frequencies while on land.

If you guys want to have some fun, do a google search on marine radios, to read all of the things people have used marine radios for (and even been caught because of it). The Coast Guard monitors all marine frequencies, and well, they are not always stationed where you might expect to find them. :slight_smile:

And though I doubt the original poster will see this, since we now carry Icom radios, there are a few that are very water resistant. Oh, and we have marine radios now as well. :cool:

There are a few radios that are submersible to JI57 standards. The Cobra MR HH425 for instance is submersible up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. It is a VHF/GMRS and FRS radio combined. FRS is probably all you need. I don’t know what its range is though. If you look for submersible two way radios for instance on google, you’ll find a few radios that are submersible.

My brothers and I had fly fished with Radio Shack 2-way radios for years with vox headset. Whenever one got wet we had to dry it out. By next day it was fine. However, they have now all expired. Recently purchased a Motorola Talkabout MR351R FRS/GMRS. Need a vox headset. Even though you have interference in the whitewater, it is the only way to go. I’m looking at the XLT HS150-KW1 which seems fine. I like the design and the price. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Answered over here.

Uniden makes a GMRS radio with JIS7 standards- don’t know how they perform though.