Need VOX Headset For Fly fishing

Have a motorola Talkabout MR351R FRS/GMRS 2-way. Need a vox headset for use while fly fishing. Old Radio Shack ones, which we used for years, have all expired after years of good service. I know the whitewater creates interference, but PTT just isn’t sufficient when you’re on the stream. Any recommendations for vox headset would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking at the XLT HS150-KW1 which looks nice and the price is right. It looks similar to the Radio Shack headsets which we liked. Is it compatible? HELP! (and thanks).

This is the XLT-HS150 for Motorola Talkabout radios:

And here is a link to every headset we have for Talkabouts:

The ones with positional mics help to cut down on sound interference. Another one you might like is this one:

Thanks Jeff. Do you have a recommendation between the XLT-HS150 and the 53725? It looks like the latter fits only certain radios and maybe not the one I have. I also think that since it’s the lowest price it might not hold up very well. thanks

I would go with the XLT headset, I like it better than the overly complicated Motorola one. It is a bit heavier duty and should last much longer.

thank you.

Jeff, Need vox activated headset for Motorola Talkabout MR351R-FRS/GMRS 2 way radio. You recommended XLT-HS150-MT which I was going to purchase but can’t find- “out of stock”. Any ideas or recommendations? Thanks, Paul

Those are the only two we carry at the moment. I am going to find out when we are getting another shippment from XLT. Hopefully it is soon. I will let you know as soon as I find out.

Thanks. They’ve been out for many months. Paul

I was told we will not have some more in for a “few” more weeks. However, we might be able to find something just as good or better from another supplier. If you could give us a call (1-800-584-1445 ) and ask for Anthony, our sales manager, he is going to try to find you another headset.

Jeff, thanks for your great help on this, certainly above and beyond on your part! I left a phone message today for Anthony. This has been my first dealing with your outfit and I won’t hesitate to use again and recommend you to others-FIVE STARS!-- THANKS AGAIN!