Need suggested radios

Hey, I am apart of an Electric vehicle raceing team I need some help finding the right radios. We need two way communication between about 3 drives and at least 2 pit members. The drivers must wear helmets which make headsets almost required. It must either be voice activated or PTT, however the PTT must be a small button or control on the control bar. I was considering a radio that could use bluetooth headsets but so far have been unsucsessfull. Any recomendations would be helpfull and unfortunatly we have a tight budget.


Hey rwerner,
Two questions for you to help pick a radio out for you:

  1. What is a “tight budget”? $100-200, 150-250, etc.
  2. Is the racing inside or outside? What is the max range you would need to talk?

Among other factors, this will help pick a suitable radio for your needs.
Look forward to hearing back from you.