Need Some Radios

I am in a paranormal group and we are needing some radios. We do outside and inside investigations, so I need something with some good range. I am also wanting some with a good battery life, and also I want radios that I would NOT have to buy a license for using. Any recommendations??

I am a newb so sorry for asking this question. What exactly is the difference between UHF,VHF,GRMS and CB?

If you are looking for the best indoor/outdoor range from a radio that doesn’t require a license, your best bet would be the TriSquare radios. They use 900Mhz frequencies that do not require a license.

VHF and UHF refer to ranges of frequencies. VHF consists of the thousands of frequencies in and around 150Mhz. UHF is around 450Mhz. VHF frequencies tend to travel farther outdoors, but do a poor job of penetrating structures. UHF is better all-around, as the signals penetrate structures well and still work outdoors.

GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and CB (Citizens Band) are services invented by the FCC. Basically, the FCC has designated that certain specific frequencies are to be used for a special purpose. GMRS is made up of 15 UHF frequencies and is intended for general communications by individuals. GMRS requires a license, and grants the licensee their family the right to use these frequencies. CB is made up of 40 frequenices in the 27 Mhz range, and is intended for completely public, license free, communications.

thank you very much!!

but exactly how much is a license for a uhf radio??

Licenses depend on your application. Business is more expensive but I do not know the actual costs.

You can check out the FCC at and you should be able to acquire the information.