Need some info/history on a Radio Please (Motorola HT50)

Hello everyone, I just got a pair of Motorola HT50 radios with chargers and 2 spare batteries from a yard sale today for only 5.00$. I am wondering what exactly these radios were used for, they seem pretty neat, definately really old. Does anyone have any information on the radio itself and well…quite honestly how to even use it properly. I dont know what the Hi/Low etc even is used for. ANY info at all would be greatly appreciated, even if its info such as when they were made, if they were commercially used, private use, whatever you got, I’d appreciate it, thank you!

They are from the mid 80’s.
The HT50 is synthesized(no crystals).

I can only assume that the high/low switch is TX power.

They look like commercial radios to me.

They’re commercial radios. $600 a unit brand new in the 80’s. I need to visit more yard sales :smiley:

Google search is your friend :cool: