Need Some Help From You Pros

I’ve been reading through this forum for about the past hour and a half in search of product opinions and decided to just post and ask what you guys think. I recently got a gift card for Dick’s Sporting Goods and have budgeted myself for about $70-90 to spend on a two way radio. I have a couple of applications I would use a radio for-
Painballing: Constitutes of running around wooded areas 1-2 square miles large, I need to be able to hear other brands of radios (probably running in FRS), and work compatibly/reliable with a headset.
Fishing: Constitutes walking around wooded areas by rivers in all manner of terrain ranging around 1-2 miles, can withstand some water, and needs to be simple enough for my wife to use (I can set it up, but it would have to be as simple as push and talk for her).

Now I know my budget is small for what may be a tall order, but I’m willing to sacrifice some perks to meet my budget.

Also, how much does it cost to get a FCC license to use GMRS? It sounds interesting but if it’s too much I don’t mind sticking with FRS channels.

Here is a link of my options-

Thanks you guys and hopefully I wont have to be a one post member like I see many on here already and be able to get a solid device that I can geek out on.


Well, I’m not really a pro, but I am a long time FRS user. I recently purchased a set of Midland GXT750VP3 radios, and they seem outstanding, so I’d definitely recommend the GXT775, or GXT808 radios listed there. I do some of the same activities as you want them for, and they work really well for paintball, hiking, hunting, fishing, and communicating with the wife. They are really easy to set up for her, and she’ll find them easy to use.

Regarding headsets, I use several types, but my favorite for paintballing are the midland AVP-H3’s, surveillance type, using PTT. They work well when you’re moving, and they stay put pretty well. My team has 3 brands of FRS going at any one time, and they all work together pretty well.

As you’ve already read here, don’t even look at advertised ranges, but the Midland models I listed will work well for what you need. Mine get .8-1.5 miles in my small town, depending on how many buildings are between, 2.5-4 miles in the woods for paintball, and 4.5-6 miles on flat land with line of sight. I’ve checked my listed distances using GPS, but haven’t got around enough water to check distance across that, and haven’t checked from hilltops or anything.

People here will sometimes knock “bubble-pack” radios, but they’re great for a specific purpose, and are extremely clear and easy to use. Plus, you can’t beat having a set of quality radios and headsets from Midland for less than $100!

Hey thanks, I think I’ll get the 808.


You’ll be happy with your purchase! I also use mine for snowboarding, so it’ll be interesting to find out the range from hilltops in the next month! I can’t wait for snow!

Oh, the Midlands work well with all brands I’ve tried them with, just leave privacy codes off. I’ve used them with Motorola, Cobra, Uniden, and Yaesu, all working together ok. Amazon has cheap headsets, for when you’re ready to do that. You’ll need it for paintball.

Have fun!

Dicks had the AVP-H3’s so I got them as well. It worked out great with the purchase. I got a $150 gift card and with the radio, headset, and hiking boots it came to $149.97. Can’t get much closer then that!

Thanks for your help and I’m sure I’ll be back on here with questions about my new radio’s when they get here.