need replacement G-11

I am looking to replace an old G-11 Midland that has been busted :mad: past cheap repair.
Or, is there a new model Midland :slight_smile: that will give the same service, and also fit into the old G-11 charger that I have?
Or what would have been the replacement for this, 10- 12years ago.
And would it still be around?
I havent been able to find any G-11 on sites like ebay.

Unfortunately there isn’t a current Midland radio that supports the same charger base as the G11. The good news is that all of their current radios do include the charger base, so this probably isn’t going to be an issue. Another difference between the G11 and current models is that the G11 was a GMRS-only radio, meaning it only supported the 15 GMRS channels. Most of today’s radios are dual service radios and support both FRS and GMRS. The biggest drawback to this is that dual service radios require a fixed antenna, whereas the G11’s antenna was removable.

The current GXT5000 would be most similar to the G11, but unfortunately flooding in Thailand has caused damage to the facility where the GXT5000 was manufactured and this has resulted in more than a year long backorder of this model. Midland promises that it will be back soon, but they have been saying that for months.

You may want to consider a GXT1000VP4. This is a more powerful radio than the G11 and most people seem to be happy with it.

Thank you Danny for the information…I was considering the 1000 but will miss the G11. Do you know how well the 1000 will communicate with the G11?

Communication will be fine between the two models. The only thing that will be a little strange is that your channel numbers won’t match up exactly between the two models.

The G11 is a 15 channel GMRS-only radio, and the GXT1000 is a 22 channel FRS/GMRS radio. There are 7 channels on the GXT1000 that are FRS only, and they’re right in the middle of the channel range: channels 8-14. That means that on both radios, channels 1-7 will be the same, but starting with channel 8 on your G11 you’ll have to go to channel 15 on the GXT1000 to talk. Here’s a simple breakdown.

GXT1000 / G11
1 / 1
2 / 2
3 / 3
4 / 4
5 / 5
6 / 6
7 / 7
8 / -
9 / -
10 / -
11 / -
12 / -
13 / -
14 / -
15 / 8
16 / 9
17 / 10
18 / 11
19 / 12
20 / 13
21 / 14
22 / 15

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the info Danny:
I found that out on this site just looking around for info. Ther is a lot of information on this forum.
I am only trying to get some kind of communacation between my home workshop and the house. The work shop is 2000 sq. ft steel bulding Aprx. 75-100 yards from the house, and 50 ft lower with direct line of sight, using 19 dollar wal-mart FR radios didn’t work. (They do work if I am outside the steel bulding) The G-11’s worked great, but one of them went bad and the local radio repair guy would not even look at them.I did not think about sending it to Midland due to it being so old.
I am now thinking about getting my general tec. Ham linsence. I have a GMRS already. It seems like a lot of trouble just to have the ability to talk to the house from the shop.

The steel building is the problem. That can be tough for radio signals to penetrate. You might want to give the GXT1000’s a shot. If the G11 works fine I think there’s a great chance the GXT1000 will as well, even with the inferior antenna. It’s a pretty powerful radio for its class and we get a lot of good reports on it for range/power.

OK I went ahead and ordered the GTX1000VP4 Radios.
After speeking with Danny for quite a while,:slight_smile:
he is also sending me replacement ant.s:cool: for my G-11 that still works.:smiley:

The local radio shops,(not the CB shop I didn’t even go there.) would not even help me with trying to fit or adapt another better ant. to the G-11.:confused:
I will let you know how the GTX1000VP4’s work from the house to the metal workshop. I will also test the new ant’s aganst the old ant. talking to the new radios.
THANK YOU Danny, and the staff, at TWO WAY RADIO for the help and for the information on this forum.

The wife called and said that the package has arrived. :smiley:
I’ll charge the radios over night and report back my findings on fri. as I won’t be able to test them out until thurs. night.:slight_smile:
I am expecting to have the abulity to talk from the steel work shop to the house, with the new Midland GXT 1000’s, as good or better them the Midland G-11’s I was using, till one of the pair bit the dust.:mad:

Put the radios on charge for 24 hrs as the instruction book says. I will remove them around 6 pm tonight, then test comunacation from the house to the steel shop.
I replaced the Ant. on the G-11 with the one Danny included with the Midland GXT1000’s that came yesterday.
The reception between the house and the steel workshop is alot better between the G-11 and the EL-cheapo bigshot store unit I was trying to use.
Step one changing of the ant. is making things better already.
If the Midland GTX1000’s work better than an old G-11 and a 19$ audiovox unit, I’LL BE ONE HAPPY CAMPER.!!

Thanks for the update, can’t wait to hear if the GXT1000’s solve your problem!

I tested the Midland GXT 1000’s last night from the steal workshop and the house,:slight_smile: a distance of aprx. 75 yards and direct line of sight.
There was no place in the workshop that I did not have reception.:smiley:
Other than using the push to talk button, it was like using a phone,
Best price that I could find and the most help of any place that I was looking at replacement of my old G-11.