Need recommendations for 2 way radios

Second time user. Had no response from first post, so will forget about trying to use audiovox fr140’s and pitch them. BUT I NEED TO KNOW ASAP (running out of time…leave on vacation in a week) recommendations for a pair of handheld 2 way radios preferably 5 watt, with emergency alert for locations, GPS…(Not weather) and 2-4 mile range. Good reviews. Approximately $150 or less for pair with AA batteries and rechargeable. Thank you

As this is in the FRS/GMRS section, I am inferring that scope for type of radio. 5 Watt limits the search to GMRS, and (anyone feel free to correct me here) the only 5W GMRS radio with GPS I personally know of is the Garmin Rhino, which costs many times more than $150 (for a single radio). I know of no FRS radios with GPS.


A Motorola Talkabout T800 will work in tandem with your phone (or tablet) by way of the Talkabout app and Bluetooth. When used this way it can share GPS (and even use downloaded maps). You can also share alerts and text messages. THAT may be the closest to what you are looking for. It is a 2 watt FRS (License-free unlike GMRS) radio and uses rechargable NiMH battery packs OR AA batteries. I have personally gotten 4 miles out of it even on low (sub-500mw) power. This heavily depends on your location and terrain. (Even with a 5 watt radio this is true)

This may be the radio for you. We love ours. A pair is within your stated budget too :slight_smile:

whippurwhil: Thank you very much for your response. I really appreciate the information. As you and everyone else that read my post could tell, I am not knowledgeable at all about two way radios or electronics. Your recommendation falls right in line with some reviews I had pulled up on the internet. I will check around to see where I can purchase a pair of these locally or online and get them shipped here before we leave. Thank you again and have a great day! :smile:

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If you have reliable cellular service, your carrier probably provides gps service of some sort and Google is generally a pretty good standby. Could save you the expense for a one trip…

Hi. Where we will be in the mountains we never get cell reception. Thank you.