Need radio with a headset for off-road use

Hello , This is my first post here and I need a little advice .
I’m looking for a radio that can use a plug in headset to use in our Yamaha Rhino while on the trails to stay in contact with others on the trail '.

We have the older Motorola Talkabout radios with the 2 prong plug-in for the headset …But the older units only have a limited range of about 2 miles

Does Motorola make a unit with MORE range that I can still use our old headset ?? ( That part works great )
We can’t use the voice activated feature because of engin noise
We just use the Push to talk button feature with the headset

Motorola stopped producing the Talkabout series with a two pin connector several years ago. Their business radios still use this connector. A two watt business radio, like the Motorola XU2100, would use the same connector as your headset.

Thanks for the input

I checked the motorola XU2100 , and the price seems kind of steep

Is there another radio that has it’s own headset ?

What style of headset are you looking for?

For the most range from a lower cost consumer radio, look into the Midland GXT800VP4. Midland has several headsets available, for a list check out our Midland accessories page.