Need new Walkie Talkies

Hi everyone I’m new to the forum I am in the market for some new walkie talkies for hunting trips that we take in Eastern Montana, I have some motorolas that I have been using for almost ten years and have had really good luck the only complaint was the range when we were in the badlands but that would probably be true with most, how ever now the buttons that you push to talk are sticking in cold weather so they got to go, can you all fill me in on what are the best radios to get right now I don’t need a lot of frills but I do want quality, in fact the simpler the better but mainly concerned with quality, any thoughts?

Welcome to the Forum!!
I have a set of Midland GXT1000’s from that work very well for small bubble pack radios.
I found that they work better than expected!!:smiley:
I live in a hilly area and have had some 7-8 mile hits between them.
They also have weather in them and I find myself using that feature very often.:wink:

thanks thats good info, the fact that you are in lots of hills makes me feel pretty good about these radios

weather in them means temperature widget that means i guess … handy option if you are wondering around hills

No, “weather in them” means the radios support NOAA weather channels so you can receive weather related broadcasts and alerts from the National Weather Service.

What he said!:smiley: