Need New Radios!

Hey, all… Ok, so in the past few years I have collected and used several different types of two way radios, ranging from consumer grade radios to professional radios set up with repeaters. Throughout the years I have always turned to Motorola radios, but have owned radioshack, midland, and others. Currently I’m using a set of aging Moto T7100R’s and 1 Midland G-30. All of these readios preform at 2 watt and I have become accustome to the range they provide ( I live in an urban setting, with a near by park system) As with any radios the batteries on my current set has droped off significantly. At the moment I would love to keep these radios but am having a hard time comming up with new batteries because it seems that the radios are no longer in production. On that note I am also looking at buying a new set, and scraping the old, what can you recommend? I very much like Motorola, and want to stick to the FRS/GMRS band… however what radios provide access to MURS?


If you’re looking to stick with a Motorola FRS/GMRS radio, the T9500XLR is the latest-and-greatest. It’s a two watt transmitter and an extended antenna from prior series’. If you want to move to a MURS radio, the Motorola XV1100 (1 watt) and XV2100 (2 watt) are business radios but meet MURS specs and support the MURS freqs.

Also, if you’re looking for a replacement battery for your T7100 we do carry them. Look for the KEBT-082 on our Motorola Talkabout Accessories page.