Need jungle communication

I used Motorola CP 200s on UHF for an expedition business. We explore caves, mountains here and in Central America. The radios are well built but I need more range. I have to connect various groups often hiking 4 to 5 miles apart. Also, we need clear communication between moving vehicles, but the devices must be hand-held. Maybe my Motorola’s are as good as I can get but I am looking for advice from you more experienced users. Thanks.

Hi. Unfortunately I don’t have a good answer for you. The CP200 radios that you have are very high quality 4 watt radios, similar to the Motorola AXU4100 that we carry. If these radios are not giving you the range that you need, then your best option is purchase a repeater.

A repeater would typically be mounted in a high location in the center of the area where you need coverage. They have output power much higher than that of a handheld radio and would significantly increase your range.

At this time we do not carry repeaters, so I am unable to make any specific recommendations.


in open areas, i would try VHF, (MURS, license free service), , MURS allow external antennas also, which will actually increase your range alot, and you could use magnet mount antennas in vehicles

Bear in mind, we’re talking Central America here. FRS, GMRS and MURS are probably not legal there. Before using any radio equipment you need to check regulations for radios in the country you are visiting. It would be most unfortunate if you were to interfere with police, fire, or military communications.

I agree with Danny that the CP200 are a very good radio. They are probably one of Motorola’s best selling two way radio.

Have you considered digital? Digital transmissions go a little further than traditional analog. Motorola has the MOTOTRBO as well as the DTR550/650 radios. The MOTOTRBO is water-resistant, which may be handy in the jungle conditions. Don’t know how long the DTR series will be around.