Need information on radios

My company is currently contracting with another company and we are shuffling trailers for them. They call out the trailers on the radio but the radios they gave us are horrible. Im not looking to spend a lot but I was wondering are there any 2-way radios or any radio that I can buy that will snyc with their channel.

The quick answer:

There is almost definitely a radio out there that is compatible with the contracted company radios, it’s just a matter of which one. Most commonly business radios operate on conventional VHF and UHF frequencies, between 136-174mhz and 438-470mhz.
Can you help us out and post a manufacturer and model # of the radio you are using?

From there either you would need a scanner or send it in to “read” the programming information. Then a radio of your choice could be programmed alike.