Need info on radios for work

Hello to all,

I am in a security company and we are currently looking to replace our outdated radios. We are hoping to get the best bang for our buck. However, none of us have extensive knowledge about radios.

We operate mostly in an hilly urban environment and have a site area of roughly 15+ miles. We need radios that will work well both in and out of buildings and be able to transmit all traffic to our dispatch.

Any help with this would be awesome.

we were looking at getting something from the Motorola XTS series but they have been discontinued.

Do you have a site earmarked for your base station, or are you hoping to just do radio to radio working - which will be pushing it if it’s built up and hilly. Repeater on a tall building perhaps?

I agree. There is just not enough information.

There is no disputing the laws of physics. Handheld-to-handheld, you will not do much better than 1 mile AT BEST, no matter what you use. If you are using a base station with high antenna and a system of repeaters, you MIGHT be able to cover your 15+ miles.

You might also be able to tie in to existing repeater systems using fleetnet or digital technology.

You need to let us know more. Are you using (or willing to apply for) a dedicated business licence, or are you looking for licence-free radios? How much per radio are you wanting to spend? How many radios will you need now and in the future? What country are you located in? Do you need ultimate privacy or are you willing to share frequencies with every kid and drive-through in a 5-mile radius?