need help!!! !!!!!!!!

just bought a Cobra MRHH425LIVP VHF/FRS/GMRS radio i also purchased cobras boom mic headset little did i know that the headset will not work for this radio, if anyone could point me in the direction of a ptt headset for this radio id greatly appreciate it or if there isnt one if you could let me know so i can send this thing back thanks

Hi Rourtex, This particular model is a marine radio. Although it has a single pin connector, it requires a proprietary speaker/mic that is only available from Cobra directly. You should be able to order it directly through them. Where was the radio purchased? You can call us at 1-800-584-1445 or enter the live chat on our website at and we will be happy to provide further assistance.

i did call cobra and they said they do not make a ptt headset for this radio, any other ideas before i send it back? is there a connector i can buy?

This is the correct radio? Cobra Marine MR-HH425LI-VP (GMRS/Marine) Two Way Radio If so, the only speaker/mic that I am aware of is the one made by Cobra specifically for this radio, Lapel Speaker Microphone P/N CM 330-001, which does have a PTT feature. It isn’t a headset, but it is an external speaker and microphone.

This is a marine radio that is designed to be water resistant, so it requires a proprietary connector designed with water resistance in mind.

We carry the radio but we do not carry the speaker/mic. It is possible you may be able to find it online, however my understanding is that Cobra recommends you order it from the manufacturer directly. If you call them back with the specific part number posted above, they shouild be able to reference it. The part number is also listed on page 76 in the Owner’s Manual.