Need Help

Hello everyone, I am very new to two way radios and need some help. I currently just graduated college and have came back to my parents ranch in south western North Dakota. The ranch is in the middle of no where with no cell service around at all. So im looking for a way to better our communication with our hired hands. I am wondering if i could get help on what radios would be the best for placing in our tractors and pickups. Also what base station would be the best to use. I would like to get a range of 30 miles if that possible. If anyone could take the time to help me out it would be greatly appriecated.

Thanks so much for your time


For a range of 30 miles you are going to need a mix of repeaters and mobile radios. Since most of the transmitting will be in a relatively open area VHF will also get you the most range.

A few repeaters placed every 10-20 miles:

Along with mobile radios in the trucks and tractors:

There is a base station that is almost identical to the mobile:

Just a thought- repeater set up may be costly depending on terrain, all of the logistics involved with getting maximum coverage, which includes providing power to your repeaters. You may also want to look into sat-phones (also costly) possibly combined with direct-talk vhf radios.

Jeff -

Give us all a description of your parents’ ranch terrain; plains, mountains, foothills, whatever?

Thank you all some much for all your input and ideas. The ranch is mostly rolling plains with small hills. I messed up also when I posted my first message. I dont know if it is a big differnce but I will need a range of 20 miles instead of 30 like I originally posted. Also I have learned that buying these I will need to purchase a license to use these radios. Can someone help me on informing me how to get one. Again thanks so much for all of your time.


Where is your house located, compared to the rest of the ranch? Physically how big is it? And do you have any hills that are significantly higher than all the others?