Need help with my Uniden UHO43SX-2 Radios

New to this forum and am in search of help with my Uniden hand-held radios.
Bought them years ago, have listened to truck drivers on them in the past, and have fiddled with the controls a bit.
This gives rise to a problem. Pulled the radios out about two months ago for a hunting trip and tried a radio check. Zip. Downloaded the manual and tried all sorts of options. Still don’t receive squat. Does anyone have any bright ideas about how to get these things going again, or do I give them a Viking funeral? BTW, the batteries are fine.
Have also just bought a pair of 2W hand-helds (our laws are somewhat different to CONUS), and they are charging presently. Should be done around 0200 tomorrow morning. Yes, I am reluctant to get rid of the old ones. Especially if they will talk to my new ones.
Any ideas?

Welcome to the forums!

These are 40 channel radios specifically manufactured for Australia and New Zealand so I am not sure how much I can help, but based on the symptoms you provided I can offer a couple of suggestions.

First, the radios feature 38 CTCSS and 104 DCS codes. It is quite possilble that one or both radios are set up to use them. If the codes are enabled for one radio and not the other or if they are both set up with different codes, they won’t be able to talk with each other. You may either need to set both radios the same channel and codes or disable the codes altogether.

The UHO43SX-2 also has repeater channels. According to the User manual, channels 1-8 and 31-38 are programmed to repeater frequencies. To communicate directly between the two radios, be sure you are not on one of those channels.

You may want to locate your User Manual or Google one. It includes a frequency table as well as a list of CTCSS and DCS codes. It also includes instructions on how to set them.