need help with kenwood tk-uv3 two way radio

i recently bought a UV Dual Band Multifunctional Two-way radio model TK-UV3.Got two of them.either can be used as a transmitter/receiver.I need to set them up for normal/simple two-way to do it? what frequency/channel to set them?which one to set at master frequency and which at sub frequency?..

please do not come down hard on me for not referring to the user manual.The manual lacks the simplicity and does nothing but to make matters much irrelevant stuff with virtually no clue on testing your newly set up equipment.

what is meant by SCANNING in transceivers?.

Hi Trish,

Are you in the US? I am not familiar with a Kenwood model TK-UV3 available here. We would need specifics on this radio, however I can answer your questions in general terms.

First, scanning is the act of checking each frequency programmed into channels on the radio for activity. When the radio detects a transmission on a channel, it will stop so you can hear the transmission.

Second, for simple communication, both radios need to be on the same band and frequency. Some types of radios, such as FRS/GMRS or CB use a specific set of frequencies pre-programmed into the radios on the same channels on each make and model.

Other types of radios, such as business or amateur radios, require the frequencies to be programmed into them, usually the frequencies assigned or licensed to the user by the agency that governs radio use in a particular country. In the US, that agency would be the FCC.

You said this is a dual-band radio. From the model number I am guessing the two bands are UHF and VHF. It sounds like you may have either a pair of business or amateur (ham) radios. Were they purchased new or used?

If they were purchased used, it is possible there may be frequencies programmed into them. If new, likely not. (Even if they are already programmed, they may not be licensed for your use).

To program the radios, you will need to consult the manual or contact the manufacturer, as the procedure will depend a lot on the particular make and model of the radio. Also, you may need additional equipment, such as a programming cable, cable driver and software.

There is no simple “how to” procedure for programming all radios. The answer is, it depends on the type, make and model of your radio. With only the model number of an apparently obscure radio to go on and no details about the general specifications of the device, your country or region or any other information about the equipment, the question may be more difficult to answer.

but do i have to do some settings before scaning?

and how to be certain (even after setting up scanning) that it works …much possbile there may transmision//receiving in the surrounding and my set doesnt pick those up

Once again, that depends on the radio. Some radios only require that you go into scanning mode. The radio will continously scan all the channels and stop on the channel that has activity it detects. Other radios may have some advanced scanning features that you may need to configure. Still other radios may need to have all the frequencies programmed into them before they can scan any of them.

It is certainly possible to miss transmissions in your surrounding area when in scan mode if your radio isn’t programmed to scan or receive on those frequencies.

Once again, it is difficult to help you if I don’t know what you have. If you can provide information about this particular make and model radio, your questions can be answered more directly.