Need Help with finding correct radio connector!

I have a Baofeng radio that I am adding a cable extension to between the radio and the antenna. The setup is to go onto a tactical vest where the radio itself sits on the front of the vest and the antenna cable/extension is looped to the back of the vest, so the antenna itself is not in my way up front. I have the cable and an adapter to connect the cable to to the radio (where the antenna was screwed on at), but my problem is finding a connector/adapter to connect the cable to the antenna. ??? I have limited knowledge of radios, ad can only assume I need maybe an SMA M to SMA M connecter, or something of that nature. Does anyone know what I need and where I might find such an item? Here are some pics to help. Thank you in advance.

What you will need is an SMA to BNC adapter. The photos are small but from what I can tell it looks like you have a BNC female on the end. The easiest solution is to either swap out the BNC-F on the end with a BNC-M or get a BNC M-M adapter and connect a SMA-M to BNC-F adapter.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out Rick. I really appreciate it. (thumbs up)

You have to be very very careful when using a external antenna with those transceivers. The case is very fragile and you will snap off the antenna connector - very easily - trying to put a adaptor on it.

Those walkie talkies are designed to be used with the stock rubber duckie antenna - ONLY.

I have seen several that were used as a mobile radio that broke and my advice was to throw them away. They are JUNK and it costs more to fix it then what it is worth.

And, they are not Part Type Acceptable.