Need Help (Taxi Radios)

Good day, I’m trying to start a taxi business and I’m planning on implementing the two way radios, but i haven’t got the slightest idea how dey work, or how dey are set up or even an estimate cost of implementation. I’m hoping someone good fellow could help me out and give me any useful information about it. thank you very much

I bet if you called these guys up they would be able to tell you exactly what you need.
And how to use them…

Actually, there are a couple of sources online you could check out (in all fairness fellas).

Hi, if you give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 and let us know what you need we would be happy to guide and assist you.

i agree way better to buy from there already programmed and ready to go. make sure you get a hand-held radio and one for the car both with good antennas.