Need help please

Hi all newish to using two way radios. I have a pair of Midland GXT 950s. But thet work perfect together sending and recieving transmissions. But no matter wat way I set them up I cannot get them to work with other two way radios even when set on same channel or sub channel. Any help appreciated as its a pain in d *** I cant use them and no one I know can help either.

What is the model of the other radios you are trying to connect to? It’s possible that both sets of radios say channel 15 code 33, the frequency that each set is running on can be different. I’ve run into this with older model Midlands and Motorolas where the channel frequencies differ in order.

If you can give us a model of radio we may be able to give you better advice but I would get the owners manual for each set and check the frequency sections.


Your Midland transceivers are designed to be used with other Midland type transceivers only. This exclusivity was a designed feature to prohibit people with Motorola type transceivers from listening to or transmitting on the same channel. Note I did not say frequency… They also use their own CTCSS codes.