Need Help Icom CS-F3160 programming issue

We have had these radios since new, but the in-house tech who did the initial programming left years ago. Do I have a mismatch of radio firmware and programming software version that is causing the problem?

Using CS3160-F5060 ver 5.2, I was able to reprogram a pair of Icom 4161 REV2.9 with ease.

But the same software and cable won’t talk to a set of 4161 Rev 2.9.2EMD. The software said “Can’t Communicate with the transceiver…check cables, etc.” I tried with other radios from the 2.9.2EMD batch and got the same message. Btw, these radios still work tx/rx with one another, I just need to re-program them now that we don’t have the in-house tech anymore.

Thanks in advance!

Updating my own message.
I learned that by upgrading the radio firmware will enable Ver 5.2 of the CS-F3160 software to reprogram it.

So if anyone can help, I’m looking for the Adjust Utility software Ver 4.0 along with firmware 5.4.