Need help for project

I have a construction project in northern Georgia, of the United States. The site has had some issues with security recently and I am looking to purchase some 2 way radios to help with those issues. The problem is, I have never bought a 2 way before and know nothing about them, or the potential of violating some radio law. The job site is in close proximity to an airport, if that complicates things. The radios also need to be able to communicate through cinder block walls which I’m guessing isn’t a big problem.
So, can I buy any consumer grade radio I come across? Or is there something I need to be aware of in my search?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, without specifics about the type of construction project, this will be applied in general terms.

For most of those types of applications, a consumer grade radio is not the best choice for a number of reasons. Although most consumer FRS radios are now license free, the lower power with non-detachable antennas greatly limit their reliability in construction areas with a lot of concrete and steel. In addition, radios used in that type of environment need the build quality and durability to withstand the daily rigors and hazards of a typical construction project. In other words, you may wind up going through a few radios before the project is completed.

Even a light duty business radio may not be enough.

The recommended option is to use 4 or 5 watt heavy duty UHF band business radios. They are much more powerful, they are built to withstand construction environments, the batteries tend to be designed for longer shifts, and the antennas are fully detachable, so you can swap them if damaged and for optimum range as needed.

Business radios operate on business radio band frequencies, which are assigned to the business and do require a license to transmit. There are unlicensed options as well, such as 900MHz digital radios and VHF MURS, but these are lower powered radios and VHF frequencies don’t cover man-made construction materials such as concrete as well as UHF radios.

Examples of business radios used in construction include The Icom IC-F1000 and IC-F2000 Series business radios, the Kenwood ProTalk TK-3400U16P, and the Motorola RDU4100.

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