Need Help. For Industrial Grade 2 Way Radios


I am looking for options for an organization that have multiple agents across a city that has an area of of 35 square kilometers. Most of the employees will be in the field and we are looking at means to make communication easier. I was looking at the Motorola MR350R as its said that it has a range of 35 miles. So in a real life scenario with all trees and buildings I am assuming it will be broken down to 5 miles? Any other heavy duty option would you recommend?

Always ignore published range specifications as advertised, do your research, get a topographical map and look at the lie of the land. Some countries like the UK it is also possible to get a propagation map related to frequencies and bands giving a comprehensive idea as to coverage. Any decent supplier, Hytera or Motorola along with others , if there is enough value in the project will do that research for you and suggest if a remote base station or repeater is needed . Again I reiterate do not look at range figures . I can give you a classic example, here I use a 25 watt Hytera base unit (DMR) on a small end fed antenna at about 15 feet agl and portable 4 watt units . I patchily cover more than your 35 sq miles . I intend to have that antenna raised to about 60 feet agl and fully expect to remove 90% of the patchiness. It is all about the variables and overcoming them. Do the proper research and you won’t go far wrong

The range is “up to 35 miles” - so take it as very much a couple of miles if you are lucky, radio to radio. When I set a portable radio to the power these things run, with my repeater, with the antenna fairly high on high ground for the locality, I can get about 2 miles reliably - as in when the radio is in the pocket, NOT when it’s in my hand, held up high. This is the snag. You want the radio to respond, and tucked into pockets, inside coats, or being sat on in a back pocket, the range can be tiny radio to radio.