Need Help Designing a Radio Extension

I work for a company that builds radio extensions and integrates radios of many types with cell phone apps, PC apps, and other radio systems. We were recently purchased by a larger company that produces radios, and we’re in the process of redesigning our cell phone applications.

As most of you are radio users and some of you install, upgrade, and/or administer radio systems, I’m interested in knowing what’s important to you.

Imagine you could have an application on your cell phone that is integrated with your radio system. This effectively extends your radio system to any location with cellular or wifi access. Think of it as a broadband extension that allows someone on a radio in Africa to talk to someone on a cell phone in America. It doesn’t replace radios - it extends them - and it will work on any Android or iOS device.

The product currently allows multiple Channels, Private Calls, and active GPS mapping in-product.

What additional features would radio users want?

Any advice on how the interface could be designed to provide those features in the simplest most intuitive way?

Thanks for any feedback.