Need help choosing GMRS for indoor/outdoor use

New to the forum here and just hoping to get some advice.

I need some two way radios (30) for a small business. With the distance we need, I assume almost any will work fine (2000 feet max).

I have been searching for hours and cannot find one that meets my requirements.

They are:
-be under $90 per pair
-must vibrate
-must be able to use AA alkalines
-must NOT have a volume knob (want buttons) on top UNLESS you can lock the volume

I did not think this would be hard to find but is proving to be a challenge.

-Midland only makes AAA models
-Motorola all have the knob and it is not lockable OR they have a few AAA models

I did try and read through this forum a bit but would really appreciate some recommendations.

Thanks for any advice!

Unless everyone using the radios is a family member you can not use GMRS for business. It makes the FCC grumpy. There are other options though such as 900 Mhz radios.

These are going to about as close as you will find: They do not have a vibrate mode.

I was just told, if you give us a call (1-800-584-1445) we can give you a discount on these: These do vibrate.

Thanks, will check those out.

Hmm, seeing a lot of reviews mentioning syncing issues. We would be having all sorts of non-techy users turning these off and on within close proximity, etc. Not sure I want to mess with these.

Any other ideas.

Another option is to use these on low-power as FRS radios: They will not have very good range at all though.

Only at maximum range and only under test conditions has this problem appeared…rarely

I’ve used them with family flawlwssly.