Need help APX 4000

Hello! I’m new to Motorola APX radios. I purchased a APX 4000 off ebay. When I power it on it just says “Out of Range” and I can’t seem to select a frequency. It seems as though I would have to get a programming cable and some Motorola software to change these settings. Does anybody out there know of any other way to factory reset a Motorola APX 4000? I will not really be using this radio to communicate but rather to test a lapel/speaker mic assembly, but I need to be able to transmit over our frequency in order to conduct this testing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

If I have to go the route of reprogramming it, if anyone has a link to a nice informative youtube video for first-time users that would be great.

First off, do you know what you bought? The reason I ask, APX900, APX1000, APX4000 and APX6000 are not multi-band radios. They come in VHF, UHF, 7/800 MHz and a handful of 900 MHz options. Without reading the radio, the only way you will really know what band the radio is for is by decoding the model number.

Second, the OOR error is because the radio is out of range from the trunking system it is programmed for and it is typically a tell-tale sign that the radio wasn’t acquired legally by the seller. Even if acquired legally this can have some other implications depending on the radio’s features. For example, chances are decent there is codeplug password or ASK requirement to program the radio. Without either of those, the radio is as good as a brick even with the proper programming software.

There is no way to reset the radio, you can only “reset” it by cloning in a default codeplug form a radio with a matching flashcode and model number which requires the CPS.

I’d start off with posting the Model number of the radio (located under the battery and will say “Model No.:”) and frequency you want to use it on (doesn’t have to be the exact frequency, nearest 10 MHz is fine) just to see if the radio is on the right band for what you want to use it for.