Need good radios for 4 wheeling

hey, i have two 4 wheelers and i need to find some good radios that will work with them. i dont want to get a lisence and dont want to spend alot, i had cb radios on them but with the engine noise i decided to take them off. the only advantages to cbs would be i could still talk to the other trucks… so anyways radio noise is an issue. it dosent matter how big or little the antenna is, i had a 102 whip so anything smaller would be an improvement.
thanks :slight_smile:

How much range do you need? With the TriSquare TSX300 radios you would not be required to get a license, but range may be an issue if you need coverage over large distances. You could also use them with the XLT TM100-MT throat mic, which would eliminate noise from the 4 wheeler since it transmits from vibrations instead of sound. This throat mic was designed with motorcyclists and paintball players in mind, so it has a Push-To-Talk button that can be attached to your handlebar. This would allow you to talk without taking your hands off the wheel.