need career advice. please help.


i want to get into the communications industry and i am hoping some of you guys can help me out.

i am wondering how i can get an entry level job programming radios or servicing two way communications equipment for companies.

i have a general and basic understanding of simplex, duplex, conventional and trunked systems, apco, etc.

i have seen quite a few jobs open for many businesses that rely on two way radio equipment.

i am tech savy have some IT certs but feel the IT field is so vast and broad, it’s just really hard to grip anymore and becoming pretty boring.

any advice you can give me on cbt’s, certifications, courses, job ideas would really help out. i have no idea how to get started. ive seen some basic communication jobs requiring experience which I unfortunately don’t have. however there did not appear to be any significant educational requirements with the postings I saw.