Need Advice


I own a race team where we use two-way radios. Unfortunately, I really don’t know much about them so it’s very confusing for me when I need to upgrade. We have had issues with all of our radios, so this has been frustrating for us. We run on oval tracks from 1/2 - 1-1/2 miles in distance, asphalt and dirt.

First off, I have some older Motorola P110’s with some older headsets. Then about two years ago I was talked into purchasing new Tekk’s (branded Speedcom) along with the associated new headsets, which were horrible (in my opinion). We had a lot of trouble with them, cross-talk, static, sometimes worked, sometimes didn’t work, etc. We could never figure out the problems. Sometimes they worked, and sometimes they didn’t. We almost always had interference, which I am assuming is because of low wattage?

In any case, I’m done with the Tekk’s. The P110’s seem to work fine, it’s just that the headsets were getting “ratty”. I purchased a new 16-channel Motorola DP200 a few weeks ago along with a new Motorola headset. I didn’t want to jump into buying all new radios because of my experience with the Tekk’s.

We put the NEW Motorola CP200 into the racecar, and the spotter used one of the older Motorola P110’s along with the new headset. Some of the crew were using the Tekk’s and some of the crew were using the P110’s. The driver complained that he was getting static from the spotter and couldn’t stand the noise, so the spotter had to drop out of the picture. The crew inside the track took over spotting duties. The crew with the Tekk’s complained of “interference” and other people outside the crew cutting in. The crew with the Motorola P110’s and the older headsets seemed to be okay.

We had just purchased the new Motorola headset at the track, and we replaced it immediately after the race with another new headset, which we haven’t tried.

Now I’m hearing from other racers that perhaps the channels we use are a source of the problem? Does this make sense? We use two frequencies: 467.8125* 467.5625* When I purchased the one new CP200 as a test, I was hoping that it would eliminate my radio problems.

The driver also complains that he has trouble hearing the spotter and crew. He purchased a new helmet and we had it outfitted with the new Nitro speaker system that is incorporated inside the helmet.

Can you give us any advice, or at least shed some light on the mysteries behind two-way radios? LOL. I’m about ready to go back to two tin cans with a string.

If you want to reach me directly, please feel free to send me an e-mail at Thank you!

All of the radios that you mention that you are using are of fairly good quality. It sounds as if your problem may be more related to the frequencies that you are using than the equipment. My guess is that other race teams are using those same frequencies, thus causing your problems.

Are your radios set up with a privacy codes? A privacy code (also referred to as PL, DPL, CTCSS, DCS, private line codes, and others) is a tone that your radio attaches to transmissions that are sent over your frequency. Radios that are setup with these tones will filter out all transmissions that do not have the proper tone attached. The result is that interference from other groups using the same frequencies is eliminated.

My suggestion is to first be sure that all of your radios are setup to transmit with a privacy code, and see if this takes care of your problem. If you are still having issues, let us know and we will do our best to find a solution.